Accessing CBD medicines in Australia

Australia is on the path to securing medical marijuana for those in real need of it around the country. Legislation was passed earlier this year to legalise cannabis based medical products, but it could take up to a year before they become readily available for people with serious illnesses across the nation. This leaves them…

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The Medical Cannabis Products Set to Hit Australia and Their Benefits.

With the Australian government recently passing legislation to legalise medical marijuana across the country, it shouldn’t be more than a year until patients start receiving prescriptions for strains of medical cannabis and cannabis based products. After years of campaigning by patients across the world who felt that the drug’s illicit status was denying them access…

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An Introduction to Cannabis Strain Classifications.

Medical marijuana is an effective form of relief for people who suffer from conditions that traditional pharmaceuticals can’t seem to relieve. Whether you’re looking for basic information or you’re a seasoned pro, the amount of choices you have when it comes to cannabis strains can be overwhelming. This guide will give you an introduction to everything you…

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